Sunday, May 22, 2011

Czech Beer Festival

Today we traveled across Prague to the Czech Beer Festival.
We had to take the tram for a while and then switch the Metro which I had not been on before. It was very clean and much nicer than the Subway in New York. The festival was all the way at the end of the Metro line which is apparently in the middle of nowhere. We were a little confused when we came above ground again and all we saw were flowers. (the picture to the right is of the metro station)

The Beer Festival was quite fun though. It was kind of like a state fair where you pay so much money for tokens and then you pay for rides, food, etc. with the tokens. I had my first
Bratwurst which was pretty good, but considering my hate for all things hot dog like, was only ordered out of pure starvation. We made friends with some of the musicians that were playing at tables and they played American songs like "You are my sunshine" for us. We spent almost the whole day there and everyone had a great time.

Our musician friends!

My first Bratwurst!

A picture of the festival from far away. There were quite a lot of rides!

Fun Fact: Czechs drink approximately 160 liters of beer per person a year!!!


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