Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week Three

This week has been super busy! We have had a lot of work to do, but we are still trying to fit in as many Prague events as we can. Monday morning we had a test in our Politics class which made everyone a bit nervous because no one knew exactly what to expect from a Czech test. It wasn't too bad so that was relieving. After class, Allyson and I went to Vysehrad which was this other beautiful castle in a part of the city we had not yet gone too.

Our main reason for heading to Vysehrad was to see an exhibit about Winton's trains. These were trains that Nicholas Winton organized to transport mainly Jewish Children from the Czech Republic to England at the beginning of World War 2. He is credited with helping to save over 699 people. The exhibit was amazing because it had many different stories of specific survivors along with pictures which was neat. It was great that such an important person could be recognized. One of the interesting things about Nicholas Winton is that what he did was not publicly recognized until 1988 when he was recognized by some of the survivors on a talk show. There are now over 5,000 direct descendants from Winton's saved children.

Pictures from Vysehrad

Pretty walkways with flowers

The awesome kids play ground. We had to hold ourselves back from joining in.

Fantastic view number 1.

Someone enjoying the view.

The river from up above.

Looking towards town.

Vineyard and part of the castle.

Winton's trains exhibit.

Nicholas Winton

Basilica of St. Peter and Paul

Another view of the church

While we were looking at the exhibit it began to storm so we took refuge in a cafe nearby. These were the silly silverwares they provided us with.

The yummy desert we ate during the storm.

HAIL on the roofs ahhh.

Another view of the church

Vysehrad cemetery where some famous Czech people are buried.

Another beautiful view from another beautiful outlook.

Allyson looking at the exhibit

A sign for the restaurant we took refuge in.

After the exhibit we returned to our dorms and ate at a nearby Czech restaurant.

Tuesday morning, Laura and I ate lunch at a cafe called Half and Half. They had fabulous pizza for very cheap. Our European Integration class then went on a field trip to the Communist Museum. It wasn't one of the best museums I have ever seen, but we did see some interesting video clips and propaganda. Afterwards, Allyson and I met to interview our new Czech friend, Sabina. Sabina was a freshman at the same University as us. She is studying to be a German and English interpreter. We went to a little student pub and had very interesting conversations about her life and politics. I am so glad we got to meet her!

Wenceslas Square. One of the main squares in Prague. Here is where many of the rallies were held that led to the Velvet Revolution.

The museum was located between a casino and a McDonalds which we thought was entertaining.

Monument of St. Wenceslas who is their patron saint.

National Museum--hopefully we'll get to it one of these days there is just too much to do!

On Wednesday, Allyson and I went shopping after class for souvenirs. We spent a long time trying to decide what to buy from the neat vendors on the Charles Bridge. For dinner, we all went to this cute cafe by our school and had fantastic food!

On Thursday, we went straight home after class to prepare for our trip to Berlin! Our bus left at six o'clock from a station right off the Metro so it wasn't too bad to get to. I will write about our trip to Berlin shortly.

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